MALTA Trade with Japan

Bilateral trade between Malta and Japan is considerable, with trade exchanges reaching a record €216.4 million (m) in 2018 with both imports and exports increasing compared with 2017. The largest shift was experienced on the export side, which rose from €106.5m to €150.1m and consisted mostly of fish and electrical machinery. On the other hand, imports increased from €62.9m to €66.8m between 2017 and 2018, consisting mainly of machinery and mechanical appliances, vehicles and electrical machinery. Malta has regularly experienced a trade surplus with Japan in recent years, which in 2018 widened to €83.3m.

Below is a table with Malta – Japan trade figures from the National Statistics Office (NSO) since 2014:

Trade Statistics 2014 – 2018
Year Imports Exports
  € millions € millions
2014 49.2 106.0
2015 70.1 109.4
2016 53.1 144.7
2017 62.9 106.5
2018 66.8 150.1

In 2018, 22,863 Japanese tourists visited Malta, compared with 17,234 during the previous year. Japanese are quality tourists whose holidays tend to last longer than the amount of days a European visitor spends in Malta and at a higher expenditure - an average of €1,614 per person in 2018 – which is nearly double that of the average spending per capita with a total expenditure of nearly €37 million. The Civil Aviation

Number of Inbound Tourists from Japan
Year Number of Tourists
2014 9,800
2015 8,561
2016 16,765
2017 17,234
2018 22,863

2018 also saw a record number of incoming English Language students from Japan. There were 3,508 students following courses at English Language Schools in Malta in 2018, rising from 2,924 arrivals in 2017 and 2,294 arrivals in 2016.