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Welcome to the official page of the Malta Japan Chamber of Commerce.

It is an honour for me as its first President since its official launch on 6th September 2017, to witness how our Chamber came a long way building strong business and cultural relations between our two countries in such a short time.

It is very encouraging for myself and my dedicated MJCC committee to witness great strides in these few months of existence. Although this gives us more determination to keep going forward, it also means that we must work harder as interest to do business with Japan is increasing. We firmly believe that by working together we can do more in reaching our objectives to establish closer economic and commercial links between both countries.

Now that we have secured great opportunities through the EU Japan Partnership Agreement that came to force on 1st February 2019 to all EU member states, we can look forward to see more growing interests for all imports and exports between the EU and Japan. Malta is exporting more to Japan than its imports whilst Japanese Companies are also opening office here in Malta. This is already a great success. Furthermore, the more Europe exports to Japan the more jobs it can safeguard and create.

I encourage you to become an MJCC member , participate at one-to-one meetings on business exchange information and become more active in the ever increasing trade between Malta and Japan.

Your success is MJCC success. Our MJCC door is open to all...

Anthony Micallef - MJCC President

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If you would like to establish a business relation with Japan or would like to strengthen your existing relation, the Malta – Japan Chamber of Commerce is there for you. With your membership, you will have an opportunity to join an active network of business professionals with a common interest in Malta and Japan. The Chamber also organizes events on current issues of interest wheremembers also benefit from discounted participation fees.

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